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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This month...Bub is:
-still all about carbs.  He is proof that the statement "Man cannot live on bread alone" is all wrong.  Man can, and apparently, WILL.
-loving monster trucks.  We told him that  we would take him to the monster truck show next time it came to town and that is ALL he can talk about since then.  He had to tell the lady at the fabric store all about monster truck shows.
-When I tell him he is my sweet baby boy, he responds with "I am NOT a baby...I am a mean pirate!"
-He wants to "help" with everything.....spray painting, getting the mail, pulling out weeds, whatever there is to be done around the house that sounds dangerous or inappropriate for a two year old is particularly appealing.
When I tell him I love him, I always get back a "I love you, too mom."  Mom?  MOM???
The other day he told me, "Mommy, I will not ride a motorcycle because if I ride one, you will cry."  
-He has taken all the leftover screws from the playground project and spread them all over the yard.  Daddy is going to have a real fun time when he mows the yard in a week or so....
-When we ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, his answers are all over the place.  I've heard "A pilot", "A race car driver", "a football player like Lewlis" (Ray Lewis, Daddy's favorite!) and most recently, "A chocolate ice cream maker"
-He has to take an armful of junk with him every time we leave the house.  Zoolie (the teddy bear) usually makes the list, accompanied by a bunch of other random stuff.  Today it was a plastic F-16, a monster truck (of course), an empty plastic easter egg, and a Disney pirate hat with Mickey ears.
He is IN LOVE with dinosaurs right now.  He loves to drive past the museum where the giant dinosaur statue is out front.  We have to talk about dinosaurs all day, every day, especially the t-rex.  He loves t-rex so much I had to make him a t-rex shirt to wear, which he deemed "cool".
He is so sweet to the baby.  For this, I am grateful.
He is on day two of total potty domination.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  He is so good about telling me he needs to go, but he hasn't quite mastered the "aim" yet.  Let's just say I am glad I am quick on my feet, or I might have been using the hand dryer in Luby's on my hair today.
Even though he is a "mean pirate" or "mean t-rex" by day, at night he is all love.  He has been crying at bedtime, so what do we do?  Let him sleep in our bed, that's what!  Yep, go ahead and mail my parent of the year award right away.  I know this is probably a bad habit to start.....but in a few years, he won't let me hug him in public, much less snuggle his little self at night, so I am giving myself dispensation.
He continues to be the more tender of the two.  Most times, just the threat of discipline is enough for him.  He wants to make us happy, and doesn't want to be "in trouble".  Can we tell which parent he is already taking after in this field?  Here's a hint: it's not me.  Hopefully he will be like his full of character that it oozes out of every pore.
Just like his sissy, he has to talk about his birthday all the time.  He knows it's May 8th, and tells anyone who will listen.  They both now understand that they are "twins" and what that means.  He loves to tell about the day he was born...."Sissy came out first.  I came out next.  I was stuck.  They had to pull and pull me."
I am blown away by the way he thinks, and what he remembers.  I love that he is kind, and gentle.  He is not yet three, but I could learn a few things from him I think.