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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My little "schmarshmallow"

Sis has been the cause of one of two scenarios lately....she either has us doubled over laughing, or hanging onto our sanity with a tiny shred of dignity.  This baby is giving me a run for my money in the parenting department.  I swear, she is always four steps ahead of me.....which I guess is a good thing in a lot of ways.  I'm just hoping she uses her powers for good and not evil in the years to come. :)
Just so that I'll always remember these crazy things she says.....
-she keeps asking when we are going to roast "schmarshmallows".  So, all our kids are now called "schmarshmallow" and "schmarshkin" which is even less of a real word than "schmarshmallow".
-She loves pink, and likes categorizing all the shades of pink.  She pointed to a really light pink once and asked me what color it was....I answered, "Um, that's probably "baby pink".   Now, anything that isn't super light pink is "big girl pink" in her book.
-She has found a way around the "don't say mean things" gag order.  Now, when she is irritated with one of us,  she tells us "Go away!".  When she is corrected, she starts singing "Rain, rain, go away..." and claims she was only singing a song.
-She has taken to using "Whatever" in conversation.  For example, "Mommy, where are my shoes?"  Me: "In the shoe basket, I think." Sissy:  "Whatever."  She even throws in a shoulder shrug for good measure.
-Kelly complimented her pink princess bracelet the other day as Sis was walking past her....without even a backward glance, she holds up her little bird arm and hollers, "Love it!"
Today in the car, her and the Bub were laughing hysterically as they made their toys dance to the music.  From the backseat I hear, "Mommy!  Spiderman is rockin' the beat!"

It is now all about the birthday....every day, we have to talk about it.  "Mommy, my birthday is May 8.  I will have a carnival party with a cake with a clown on it."
She is all about imagination.....(and clearly she is listening to all the crazy stories Daddy tells her) because today she tells me, "Mommy, I always brush my teeth.  Because when I don't they turn black and fall out like Fluppy."  (Shawn has invented an imaginary octopus named Fluppy that doesn't brush his teeth and they all turn black and fall out....nothing inspires good hygiene like a whopping dollop of good old fashioned fear!)
and another story from today..."Mommy, I have a little rat in my stomach.  He is so tiny, with a pink nose and he sleeps in my backpack."  Hmmm, I am really, REALLY hoping this means she is a good creative thinker and not a childhood schitzophrenic.

We were waiting for Shawn to come out of HEB one night and from the back seat I heard the following:
"There's my daddy!  There he is!  Oh, wait.  No, that's not daddy.  That guy is really hairy."  

I am relieved to finally announce that this one is now 100% potty trained!  One day, I decided I had had enough and just put her in underwear.  Granted, we had two days of accidents and mopping up puddles on the floor, but after that she was in the clear.  Now it's all undies, all the time for my big girl.  She even gets out of bed and takes herself to the pot.  For her, the hand washing is the best part, and she sometimes wants to do that part first. Yippee!  A potty trained kid who loves bath products as much as me!   

This little girl is not even three, and manages to make me laugh more than most adults.  Her comic timing is razor sharp.  She remembers everything, especially things that made us laugh in the past....she is starting to have a little repetoire of "material" that she knows is funny....and I'm pretty sure she is already smarter than me.  She is all about her Mommy right now, which is a blessing AND a curse since I get all the love, but also have to do all the discipline, helping, etc.  My favorite part of the day with this one is tucking her in at night.  Her two constant requests each night are "You lay with me??" and "Tell me a baby story."  She adores getting all the one on one attention....and I love that at bedtime she finally slows down enough to talk to me. :)  Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I will get an "I love you Mommy."  and that is the best of all.