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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A sweet, easy morning....

Some mornings are just easier than others.  You know what I'm talking about, right moms?  This morning was a pretty good one.....No fist fights to break up, no crying.....and no one asking me every four seconds to refill their milk, get another breakfast bar, put on their backpack.  Not that I mind doing those little things....but it's nice sometimes to have some quiet and to be "left alone" some.  For some reason, the puff snacks that the twins hated as tiny babies are now a big hit.  Cale found a package of them in the pantry, and this is how I found the three of them this morning.  I almost burst into tears at the sight of them not only including, but HELPING the tiny one.  Cale was actually putting puffs in her mouth (hopefully one at a time) and saying, "Here baby Livi.  Here's another puff." it!  She looks so big sitting up and eating snacks with the other two.  Before long, they will feel so much closer in age...but for now they seem so much older than her, and I love to see them being so sweet to her.


Katherine said...

Times like that seem to make it worth all the effort!