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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Screaming in childcare, and other Easter fun....

This past weekend was a series of ups and downs.....for starters, we took the babies to see "Pinkalicious" at the Magik Children's Theatre on Saturday.  Apparently, every other person with a kid under five ALSO had the same idea, because there were a TON of people there.  By the time we got all five of ourselves in the door, the only seats together we could find were in the balcony.  Up high.  Where all the heat rises.  Let me tell you, it was steamy!  As soon as the show started, Sis started asking me all sorts of questions in a super loud stage whisper.  At almost three, we're not really skilled in true whispering yet, so everyone around us got treated to comments like "WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?" and "MOMMY, WHERE DID PINKALICOUS  GO???"  They were really enjoying themselves, until Livi started fussing in her carseat.  (It WAS 98 degrees up there after all)  As soon as I got her out to hold her, all heck broke loose.  Sissy wasn't paying attention as well without me trapping holding her on my lap.  Some roaming around began.  Then some more loud whispering, with a little whining thrown in for good measure.  With about five minutes left to go, we grabbed our tiny people and decided they'd had enough.  This worked out fabulously in the end, because we missed the giant stampede of people trying to squish themselves out the doors at the same time.  Outside, we waited for our friends and Cale spotted the giant playground in Hemisfair Park.  We started to head over there until I realized it is HUGE.  So huge that there was no way we could watch two babies play AND stand by the stroller with Liv.  I offer a belated apology to the parents of all the students I brought to this park on field trips.  There is no WAY I should have been taking them there.  After a little parental meeting, we decided it wasn't too safe with four hundred kids running around and no way to see our people.  As we made our way to the car, Bub was having none of it.  He screamed.  He kicked.  He ran away from us, back to the playground in an apparent effort to ditch us and live at the park with the other weird bearded guys who hang there.  We finally smooshed his angry self into the car seat were treated to TWO screaming kiddos on the way to the cupcake place.  (My cute idea:  We were going to eat pink cupcakes to cap off our "Pinkalicious" Day!  How adorable are we???)  At the cupcake place, both kids picked chocolate, and my camera battery died so my idea of photographing adorable icing covered children went out the window.  Sunday we went to church and the Sis screamed so loud in her class that she had to be liberated by mommy.  We took her in the sanctuary with us, and were treated to some more super stage whispering.  "Mommy, where's God?" and "Mommy, when is the bride coming out?"  We headed to my parent's for Easter lunch and egg hunting, which the babies LOVED.  The Easter bunny is clearly a horrible mathematician because he grossly over estimated the number of candy filled plastic eggs necessary to make two kids happy.  Let's just say they ONLY ate chocolate Sunday afternoon.  Nothing else.  I did take pictures of the egg hunting.....but I may or may not have ruined my camera and can't get the pictures onto the computer.  Whoops!  My "sometime in the future" equipment upgrade might be upon us.
     This weekend wasn't relaxing.  Not a little bit.  But it was fun.....when I am bone tired and wishing for a little peace and quiet, there is still a tiny (sometimes microscopic) piece of me that knows these are the very best days.  I can't imagine that I will MISS toting a sweaty screaming kid to the car, but I am pretty sure it's going to happen one day.