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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring is here!

The awesome weather, combined with all the cute little girl's dresses out in stores, motivated me to try my hand at designing some clothes on my own....While out shopping at one of my favorite stores, I saw some CUTE dresses that I was immediately drawn to...I love little girl clothes in prints that don't look like little girl clothes.  Anyway, some of the little dresses were 30 bucks, and I could tell they didn't even take a yard of fabric!  A-ha!  A use for all the fabric I have sitting at home!  After shopping, I got home and made a few little sketches in my fancy pants design book (an old spiral) and tried out a few of them on the Sis.  You might recognize some of the comes from one of my faves, and is NOT real original....but I wanted to use some inexpensive stuff for my first try.
Here is the Ruffled Shift Dress:
I had to include view number two of the dress.  Pantsless brother had to get in the picture, and sissy is directing me.
Here is the Swirly Spring Dress:

I think they are both super cute....and they don't take long to make, so I think I might make a few more.....especially since I found a stash of vintage linens my grandma gave me! 


Jenn and Jason said...

I love them ... those are great, Nicole! You should start selling your stuff on Etsy too!

Alison said...

NICOLE! You are beyond talented!!!!