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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The amazing three dollar shirt

My regular readers will know all about my obsession with buying fabrics and craft items.  I am sick. Seriously.  So sick that I like to just buy fabrics to fold up into neat piles and look at them.....even if I have no project in mind at all.  (You wouldn't know that I like to fold them into neat little piles by looking at my craft room right now....)  Anyway, I have all these adorable fat quarters.  Every time I see a cute fabric, I buy satisfies my urge to purchase fabric, without committing to a bunch of yardage. (cost)
I found some clearance fat quarters at JoAnn's (not my favorite) and scooped them up.  I think they were a buck apiece, which is pretty cheap.  Instead of just letting them lay around looking cute, I decided I was going to make something.....thus, the amazing three dollar shirt!  This was SO easy, and maybe took me 45 minutes to make, but I think next time I could make one way faster since I've already figured it out.  Seriously, it took three fat quarters and a piece of elastic.  That's it!  Sissy got compliments on it all day.  I am loving that it is gray, too.  For some reason I am all about her wearing gray lately.  I think it's the combination of gray on milky white skin and blue eyes that looks so pretty to me!  Plus, it doesn't have teddy bears or other dumb kid junk on it and THAT is the best thing.
     Forgive me the quality of this model was demanding and unrelenting, and having a "Naomi Campbell" moment.  It's a little blurry because she wasn't having any of this posing business.  It was after naptime (note the rat's nest hair) and had milk and snack on the brain.


Katherine said...

LOVE IT!! I'll have the check that out on Monday!