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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


As I continue on with my obsession with all things related to "holiday specific decorating", let me share with you my newest fave: Valentine's decorations!  I do these things because: I feel like it and I think it looks adorable my kids are entertained by it! This year, we are rockin':
The Valentine's Tree (a.k.a: some sticks from the yard tied together and adorned with salt dough ornaments I made and painted one day when it was too rainy, cold and disgusting to attempt to take three kids under three outdoors. This is SOOOO easy and fun, and bigger kids (i.e: kids bigger than mine) would love to do this as a project)
The Valentine's Angel (a ONE DOLLAR find from the Buck Pottery Second's Sale...she fell on the floor and broke into five pieces, but was resurrected by super glue and hung with a ribbon.  For some extra Valentine's flava, I stuck a little red heart in her hand.  So there.)
Heart Hanger for outside.....(made with heart board from the buck store, some hot pink paint, some stickers, a sheet of scrapbook paper and some Mod Podge.  That's it!)
A ribbon wreath for our side door....(just a little something to do with the 4,364 rolls of ribbon I had in my craft the ribbon drawer actually closes!)

and then ANOTHER sign I painted with chalkboard paint and stuck a cute ribbon through.....there were TONS of these little boards at the buck store one day, and I bought about four of them....wishing now I had purchased more, as I am thinking of all sorts of uses for them now....
Anyway, these little decorations are entertaining me, and distracting me from the depression I feel every time I look at the two Christmas wreaths laying on Sissy's floor, waiting for a "storage home"....