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Friday, February 5, 2010

Six Month Checkup

For those of you who were on the edge of your seats waiting for this information.....Liv's stats were as follows.
Her length (height?  When can you start calling it height?  I guess when they stand up instead of lay down like an adorable bag of smiley fat.) was in the 65th percentile.
Her head was still in the 95th percentile.  We pride ourselves on growing humans with gigantic heads....if all else fails for them, we figure they can join a circus.
Her weight was fifteen pounds, two ounces.....which is in the THIRTY FIFTH PERCENTILE.  Apparently I have been inadvertently starving my baby.  The kindly doctor said he was concerned about the quantity of my milk supply and suggested supplementing with formula.  She seems satisfied after feeding, so I always thought she was getting enough.  Now I know that some babies don't fuss, but shut down when they are hungry.....although I can't say this baby ever seems to "shut down". She's always happy and alert and developing fine otherwise.... I am sad, sad, sad.  Not that bottle feeding isn't easier, because I think it is.  (i.e.: other people can feed the baby besides me) but I wanted to be able to nurse as long as I wanted.  I didn't expect to be TOLD to start to ween her.  For now, I am going to allow her one formula bottle a day, and drink like a fish (WATER, people!) to try and make more milk.  Then I'm taking her to the big scale in Sugarplum Dreams next week to see what happens.  Hopefully a little weight gain.
I think she looks totally healthy.  I mean, those cheeks!!  She almost needs a supportive back brace to hoist those things up.  I never imagined she'd be underweight.  Other than that, she checks out fine.
And on another note, her new trick is the "fake cough".....if we ask her if she has a bad cough, she makes the most pitiful coughing noise you've ever heard, and then smiles with satisfaction when everyone laughs. Smart girl!


natalie said...

let me talk to you sister...
(yes, this is THE lactation speech.)
i'm here to tell you that your baby will ALWAYS tell you when she's hungry. if she's not indicating that...she's not. your milk is just fine. no need to supplement, but you can if you wish. if you really think it's an issue with your milk supply, pump 5 minutes after each feeding for a week and you'll see. lots of cleaning to do but worth it. em was in the 3-5th percentile until she was 7 months old. she was breastfed the entire time. i encourage you to hold out. make sure you're feeding her 5-6 times per day (and if not, don't feel bad supplementing her the other times). no matter what they eat, babies all turn out wonderfully! you've done a kickA#$ job thus far!