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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter trip 2010

I guess we are gluttons for punishment, because we attempted another looooonnnnnngggg car ride with three babies under three.  My brother and his wife are stationed at Kirtland AFB and are about to ship out to Okinawa next month, so we decided to spend some time with them before they left!  It was a short trip (only three days there) but we managed to pack in a bunch of activities.  We took the babies to Sandia Peaks to sled, only to find out that they don't rent or allow sledding.  Boo!  On to option number two: playing in the snow and getting in the way of other skiers!  Yippee!!  I thought they would poop out after about twenty minutes in the snow, but it was a really warm day so they played and played and played.  They threw snow balls at everyone (including a strange man that walked by), make a "snowman" (term used loosely...basically it was a stack of ice blocks they found), ate a ton of snow, made snow angels, etc.  Daddy got the super idea to use his snowboard as a sled, and that entertained them for a good half hour.  I learned that my babies love snow, but I will NEVER drive to snow again....we will definitely fly next year!

Aunt Holly had her first foray into snowboarding, and Andrew and Shawn said she spent more time on her feet than on her hiney, so that is a good sign!  We got a chance to ride on the world's longest tram to the top of the mountain, which is a tiny bit scary....I had visions of my kids kicking out a side panel and plummeting 10,000 feet down, but I entertained myself with picture taking enough to cause a distraction.  Livi screamed the WHOLE ride up the mountain, probably because her ears were popping...I pity the people that had to ride the tram with us!  The sun was setting as we made our way up the was SO beautiful!  Popo treated us to a fancy dinner at the mountain top restaurant.....  

The car ride there and back was next to unbearable, but the fun we had there made it worth it!  The babies actually loved staying in a hotel, and their new favorite thing is riding the elevator.  Every time we came down, they wanted to get back in and ride again!!  Despite traveling like the Beverly Hillbillies, we LOVED our trip and the time we got to spend with Andrew and Holly!