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Monday, January 4, 2010

Diaper bag: Attempt one

I got a crazy whim to make a diaper bag with a fold over piece...don't ask me why!  It's not like I don't already have enough to do around here with all the Christmas decorations still piled up on the bar.  I think the guilt of carrying the free hospital diaper bag around finally got to me.  (Hey, at least I monogrammed her name on it)

This is how it turned out! This was a pattern I made up (and required me to think really hard and cross eyed at times)  I wanted a pocket inside of some sort....I made one big one, and then a little bottle pocket.  (Cause we all have when the empty bottle tumps over and leaks out all over everything)  Well, clearly the bottle pocket didn't work out too well, because it would only fit a bottle made for an insect.  It is too small!!  I figured out what I did wrong, I am good to go on bag number two!  I lived and learned on this bag....I used the iron on vinyl for the inside pieces so that it would be waterproof inside.....but I inadvertently bought the "lite" version.  It's better than nothing, but next time I'll use the heavy duty vinyl.  I'll make two bottle pockets next time, and I will NEVER make the mistake again of trying to sew on the velcro with the sticky backing.  It COATS your needle with the grossest goo imaginable, and takes FOREVER to clean off.  I was down to one needle left, so I spent a good thirty minutes cleaning my needle and rethreading it.  This project took almost a yard of the outside fabric (with enough left over to make a diaper case) and the pink was some I had left over from a dress of Hayden's.  I think I used less than half a yard.  I used about a third of a yard of batting to give it a little substance, and about two feet of pink bias tape to top the pockets.  I know it's girly, but I have LONG ago gotten over the idea that I wanted the diaper bag to look manly enough for Daddy to carry it.  Let's be honest, it's mostly me carrying it, and when he does, he's man enough not to care that he's carrying hot pink. :) I'm trying to develop this into something I can put on my website....suggestions?  I know the two bottle pockets will be an improvement, but I was also thinking of adding a little paci pocket to keep the paci clean.  What do you think?  I'd appreciate any input!


natalie said...

i think SUPER DUPER CUTE! 1 bottle would be enough for me, but i nursed so 2 would be good for those that don't. i LOVE this!

ken and meg said...

I LOVE IT!!! a matching changing pad would also be nice!!! CUTE CUTE!!!