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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sissy at 32 months...

To a random man at a hotel in Albuquerque:  "Don't believe it!"
To mommy in the car: "Don't get mad, get glad!"
Outside the grocery store:  "Mommy, something stinks.  It's probably Bubby.  Or my hiney."
To me in the grocery store:  "Mommy, you look like a ragamuffin."
After I colored my hair brown:  "Where did your white hair go?"
To me, while I was trying to break up a fight....(I was shirtless because I was coloring my hair):  "Mommy, where did your clothes go?"
To her Daddy: "Daddy! Ayudame!" (we had no idea she knew a single spanish word.  See Bubby's post for more on this topic)
To me at bedtime:  "Mommy, tell me baby stories.  MY baby stories."
"My boobies are pink!  Look at my boobs!!"  In a restaurant.  Loudly.
"De nada!" Spoken to me, after I proudly told her "Gracias" meant "Thank you" in Spanish....apparently she's more than one step ahead of me in the foreign language department.
"He knows what he's doing....this is going to blow his mind!" Talking about the little boy next to her in art class.

This baby is hilarious, exhausting, energetic, full of smiles, brilliant, stubborn, and ADORED.  Every day we are blown away by what she has learned, remembered or said.
She still takes a paci at nap and at night, and tries to sneak it during the day as well.  One day, she snuck in to get it and I caught her coming out of her room....she knew she wasn't supposed to have it, so she tried to walk past me with her blanket over her head.
She loves her little purse and carries it everywhere.  Today the contents include:  sugar and splenda packets from a restaurant, a pink and purple Cinderella necklace, a few broken crayons, and some of her pretend food from her kitchen. (which she calls her "real food")
Her favorite foods are:  fruit, (especially cantaloupe and bananas) Breakfast bars, milk, sweets, anything italian, chicken nuggets, waffles, cheese.....
She has a TEMPER....she is MAD when she gets hurt and any attemps to comfort her only make her more mad.  She tells us to "Stop talking" when we are correcting her.
.....she loves to sleep, loves books, loves taking a bath, loves TV, loves playing pretend.  Her favorite games right now are "Doctor" and "Pirates".
She is still scared of being left at the church nursery, or ANYWHERE without one of her family members.  When we talk about preschool, she always asks me, "You come too, Mommy?"...I have a feeling this is going to be a hard transition!
She loves her friend Logan, and talks about her all the time.
She loves Mimi and Popo and wants to ride in their car everywhere we go....she knows how much they love her too, because once when she was getting "corrected" in the car in their driveway, she started hollering "I WANT MY PO-PEE! I WANT MY PO-PEE!".....(hoping for a rescue)
When prompted, she will make all her faces for us: happy, silly, excited, sad, scared, nervous, mad....we are not trying to create an actress, but I think she was born one!
She loves the show "Lazytown" is the weirdest show from Iceland....there are live actors combined with puppets and it is WEIRD.  The little girl's name is "Stephanie" so she has decided she wants to be called "Stephanie"....the hero's name is "Sporticus" so on occasion she calls bubby "Sporticus" or makes Daddy be Sporticus, as well.  When she realized there was a real life "Stephanie" in our music class, the look on her face was priceless....she thought she'd run into a celebrity.
She's still a little conflicted about the newest member of the family.  Half the time she is baby talking her, wanting to hug her...the other half is not so rosy.  Let's just say there might have been an incident where she tried to whip her with a Mardi Gras necklace......she doesn't have the necklace anymore.
It is really, really hard to remember this baby is only 2 and a half....she talks like she's five, and she acts like sixteen sometimes....I think we might have our work cut out for us!