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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bubby at 32 months

Some gems from this month....
"Daddy!  Vaminos!" (Apparently he knows Spanish)
"It means "Please can I have more crackers in the living room?" when we asked him what "Bitte" meant in German.
"I will be a pilot guy.  Like my Popee."  his answer when we ask what he is going to be when he is bigger.
"My poopie is making music!!"
"Mommy, I'm going to the radio. In two minutes." (said while wearing cowboy boots....I'm thinking he meant "rodeo")
"Don't sit by me.  Don't hold my hand."  Apparently he has a newfound sense of independence.
"I like to eat wind!"-said while gleefully walking outside on a windy day.
While explaining to us the rules of his new train set.  "Do you put the pieces in your backpack? No! Do you put it in your playroom? No!  Do you put it in your armpit? No! Do you put it in your diaper? No!"  (the rule retelling started out with the actual rules, and got more ridiculous as the conversation went on!)

This little boy is so, remembers everything, loves to make us laugh, LOVES being rough housed (especially by his daddy), is tender hearted and cries if he thinks he's in trouble, loves to draw and paint, loves pretend....just like sissy he is into "Doctor" and "Pirates", loves books, remembers all the words to his favorite books and songs (and corrects you if you try to change the words to either), hates having water poured over his head at bathtime (even though we've done it every night for his entire life), sleeps with his teddy bear "Zoolie" every night and at nap, and will cry until we find him.
He decided on his own to call us "Mom", "Dad" and "Sis"....where this came from I have no idea! He prefers to be called "Bubby", and introduces himself as such.  I realized this at the playground the other day when I heard a nice grandma talking to him.  "Buddy?  Did you say your name was Buddy?"
He LOVES bread and would eat nothing but rolls and tortillas if that is what we allowed.  He is really hard to feed right now, and has some weird patterns.  He won't hardly try anything, but every once in a while will ask for someone's guacamole and eat the whole thing.  He isn't a breakfast eater, and would rather just have a glass of milk in the mornings.  He might be the only kid on the planet who isn't crazy about sweets.  He'll eat a bite of cookie or one forkful of cake and that will be enough.  (He did NOT get this from me, or his daddy!)
He has pooped on the potty ONCE.  Apparently once is all it takes because he isn't interested in doing THAT again.
He doesn't love to go to bed, or take a nap...but does both when asked.  Even if he's trying to be ornery and say no, he says no while he's following me down the hall to his room.
He loves trucks.  All kinds of trucks!
He loves being outside, picking up sticks and rocks, digging in the dirt...(with a little bit of rock and dirt throwing mixed in)
He loves to sword fight, jump off things, jump out of the car into your arms (even if you aren't ready for him yet) tackle and get tackled, and throw things (even inside the house)
He is no longer pushed around by his sissy.  He retaliates now, and sometimes even instigates, which is an interesting turnaround.
He is only affectionate when HE feels like it.  He'll let you hug and kiss him, but doesn't initiate very much. He adores his Mimi, Popo and Grandma and Grandpa.  He has recently decided he doesn't want to have his hand held....he wants to walk with his hands in his pockets or behind his back.  After a day full of telling me not to touch him, he'll love on me at bedtime and tell me "I love you, Mommy!" or crawl into my lap and let me love him.   Are we already in the throes of a complicated relationship??
He is always asking "What's that?" or "Why?"....especially WHY...all the time!
He is so much fun, and so special.....I love, love having a little boy.....


Jacqueline said...

so sweet nic, i want to cry reading.