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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Decorate. Then we redecorate. (The random holiday update)

Everytime I think I'm done decorating for the holidays, I find another cute idea online and I have to go attempt it.  Add that to the the fact that Bubby thinks he can remove ornaments from the tree and place them all over my home in inconvenient locations.  (Kelly says it's because he helped decorate it...he thinks he has free license to do whatever he wants with the ornaments!) At least Sissy seems to be uninterested in the tree.  She still remains concerned about Santa coming to her house.  Twice, she has told me, "I don't want it to be Christmas.  I want it to be Halloween." (which proves Shawn is her father, for any of you who might have been wondering.)  My mom and I took her to Bracken for the little Dicken's Christmas thing, and we encountered Santa on one of the walkways there.  The minute she saw him, her arms went up and I heard "Hold me, Mommy!"  She let me stand next to him holding her while Mimi took our picture.  She wouldn't get any closer to him, and didn't want to talk to him...until we were about ten feet away she hollered "A KITCHEN!" at him, just to make sure he knew what she wanted.  Again in the mall, she saw Santa sitting in front of Picture People, and she said "A kitchen." at him again.  She's not sure she likes him, but she wants him to know about that kitchen!  Bubby claims he wants a kitchen, too....and I'm sure he'll enjoy it, but sometimes I think he is just sucked into the gravitational pull that is Sissy, and ends up liking stuff she likes.  He isn't as terrified of Santa as she is, but we'll see how he REALLY does when we see Santa this Friday at a Christmas party.  He keeps talking big, like he's going to sit on his lap but I'm interested to see how that turns out.  As we wait for Christmas, we're enjoying driving around looking at lights (including the ones on our own house...the babies say "Thank you Daddy!" every time we drive home and see them) singing Christmas carols, continuing to talk about those less fortunate.  After being told it wasn't nice to holler "You don't have a family!" at people, Hayden has changed her tune and now yells, "YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU LIKE!" Yesterday I heard Bub in the car telling her, "It's not nice to tell me I don't have a family."  Sigh.  The things that twins inflict on each other.  A singleton wouldn't have to worry about what these two do, but they probably don't have half as much fun either.  We've hit two fun Christmas parties so far...the pictures above are from my mom's church Christmas party where Bub laid on the stage during the presentation, and from Shawn's work party where Sissy spent half her time there breakin' it down Flashdance style on the stage.  I added the picture of the girls in matching jammies so that my readers would know that Livi still lives here.  More on her later....she's been doing SO many new things and seems like such a big girl already! At least she's not pulling ornaments off trees or screaming at Santa this year.