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Friday, December 4, 2009

I've been busy.....which is so sad because this house is a disaster.  I have definitely been neglecting other household duties, but I can't help myself!

The aprons are a result of my trying to come up with homemade gifts the kiddos would like.  The shirts are just because I wanted them to have something cute to wear the next few weeks that was "Christmassy".  This is really outside of my comfort zone, because I am usually not a "theme" clothing kinda girl.  Can't see making a cute shirt that they can only wear three times....and let's be honest, the laundry sits around long enough that sometimes that cute little themed shirt might get worn ONCE (hot off the sewing machine) never to be seen again.  Plus, you can't exactly hand down a monogrammed shirt! I also made a cute little crayon roll for Hayden, and I'm working on Cale's right now.  I think these are really cute stocking stuffers, and might make a few for some other kiddos I know.  You can find the tutorial here if you want to make one too! There are lots of other handmade ideas on this cute site (It's called Skip to My Lou) I cracked up laughing when perusing her site, because one of the craft ideas is for a "Duct Tape Bullwhip" which sounds REALLY, REALLY fun for a little boy, but like a NIGHTMARE for his mother and sister.  I'm not THAT fun.


O said...

I LOVE the shirts - who cares if they do not get tons of use out of them. At least they will be cute wearing themt his month!