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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town....and only a few of us are happy about it.

Preparations for Christmas are in full swing around here....the house is slowly but surely becoming "Christmasified"....Christmas songs are on the ipod, and are being played all day long.  (Funny enough, my two year olds know how to start and stop the ipod and I had to read the directions four times to figure it out) I ALMOST have all our stockings monogrammed, and Cale keeps talking about what Santa is going to put in his "Christmas sock".  Hayden has burst into tears several times, and informed me "I don't want Santa to come to my house."  (If you think about it, it is a little creepy)  We have bought and made gifts, and the wrapping has begun.  All my holiday themed books from my teacher days (Thank you Scholastic Book Club bonus points!!) are in a basket by the fireplace, and we read them all day long.  The babies' are SO fun to buy for, and we are trying hard to restrain ourselves.  We want them to love this season for the right reason, and not think it's all about gifts, so we are cooking up a bunch of things to do (that hopefully will turn into traditions) that take the focus off of "stuff"....I feel a weight of responsibility that I convey to them the "right" message about things.....after all, they are two and are totally prepared for deep, existential conversation.  (insert eye roll here)  Anyway, during our prayers, we've been talking about boys and girls who don't have a home or family, and asking God to provide for them.  Cale wanted to put money in the Salvation Army bucket after I told him that is what it is for.  As a result of all this empathy training, Hayden is now going around telling people "You don't have a family."   She came in the computer room this evening to tell me "Baby Livi doesn't have a family."  Shawn told me this is a result of all my talk of homeless orphans.  I think she is definitely listening to what I'm saying.....she's just not sure what to do with this new information.  Hey, I'm on the right track.  At least she remembered something I told her!!  Some random factiods about our family this week:
-Baby Livi takes a paci!  Yippee!!  She can also roll over (she's done it ONCE after all) and can stand up on her chubby little legs if you hold her hands.  She laughs, squeals, tracks things across the room, turns towards our voices, tries to throw herself out of her bouncy seat and carseat (she is both WIGGLY and a contortionist) and still doesn't sleep all that much.  Life is good.
-Hayden moved from a twin bed with rails to a full sized bed with no rails last night.  She CANNOT stay in the same place while sleeping, so we were scared to do away with the rails, but so far (one night) she has stayed in bed and not fallen out.  She told me, "I am a big girl."
-Both the twins have started telling us they love us...FINALLY.  Some return on my investment after two and a half years!! :)  They sound so, so sweet when they say it.....and I know they say it more often because I act like I won the lottery every time they tell me.  They probably just get a kick out of watching me act like a crazy person.
-Twins cannot keep their hands off Christmas decorations.  This is going to be interesting....we are either going to have to replace breakable items, or only decorate the house from three feet and higher.
-Cale told Shawn today, "Zoolie did not obey me.  He's going to get a hiney pop."  Zoolie is his teddy bear, and you can tell what Shawn calls a spanking.
-We are running around like crazy making sure the door to our bedroom is closed all the time, so the babies can't get in and see their gifts.  I'm not sure how we are going to manage this for another month, seeing as this morning Hayden came walking in the room while I was still in bed......luckily she wasn't really paying attention, and was shuffled quickly out the door.
-I have gone project crazy, and will post pics as soon as I take some.....and let me toot my own horn and tell you I made some cutey stuff that you're going to want to make, too!!