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Monday, November 2, 2009

It's less than two months away, people!

So I pretended to be annoyed that the Christmas stuff was up in stores before we could even get the pumpkins carved....but secretly I was already getting excited about the REAL holidays....mostly because I can't WAIT to see my kids really, REALLY enjoy this season...but also because I have pretty much gone off the deep end in the crafting department.  It's basically my (almost) full time job that I don't get paid for.  I knew it wasn't acceptable to start "Christmassing" until after Halloween (who made up that rule anyway?) so today I was out and about while visions of a perfectly decorated Christmas house danced in my head.  I grabbed a few items I needed to start with a few projects.  My new mantra is going to be "Don't start a new project until the one you already started is finished." Or something like that.  Okay, maybe "Don't start a fourth project until the first three unfinished projects are done."  Whatever.  And I've got 'em.  Unfinished projects, that is.  Namely:
-Cale's baby quilt that is all cut out and half hand embroidered.  I gave up trying to finish this one when he hit thirty pounds.  What will I do with a half finished quilt for a boy baby?  I guess try for another boy!  Just kidding!  (My husband is a regular reader of this blog, and I'm sure he won't finish reading this post, but scramble for a vasectomy after reading THAT line!)
-The girls' Christmas dresses.  Cut out.  Still need lining, and buttons.  And maybe fabric flowers with some of the left over fabric.
-Tons, tons, tons of felt cut up and ready to make into felt food for the babies' Christmas presents.  I'm not sure if any of you have seen the ADORABLE felt food available for purchase out in cyberspace, but it is TOO cute.  It is also TOO expensive.  And what is the good of having a fantasmagorical sewing machine if I can't make some stinkin' felt food??  So off I ventured to make my OWN, just as GOOD felt food for the babies' to play with.....and never finished.  Now I know why people buy it.  It's time consuming.
-Along the same line....felt playhouse.  Three sides cut out, and only three fourths of one side decorated. We'll see if that one gets done before Christmas.  Big, BIG project.
-Organizing my pantry.....putting baking supplies into airtight, matching glass containers.  The perfectitude of this mental picture makes me salivate.  Really. I LOVE organization....which might entertain you if you've ever been to my house! Add the idea of LABELS and I am half catatonic.
PLUS, I decided that I need to copy all our family home movies from mini DVs to DVDs before I am knee deep in tiny videotapes.  Or before something tragic happens and I (gasp) lose them.  Ugh.  Thinking about that project makes me get sweaty armpits.  Not as fun as crafting.
So with all this junk to do, I started new projects.  I guess the new mantra hasn't kicked in yet.  I am making a cutey fabric garland for above the fireplace for Christmas, and when I'm done I'll show ya!  It is so stinkin' adorable, and easy peasy to make.  I am also hand embroidering a cute pillow for the girls' room.  That one is taking awhile, but I am working on while me and the hubs watch TV at night.  Which means I miss everything that isn't actually said out loud on my TV shows. Oh well.
The babies mostly cooperated during our outing today.  I told them they could take ONE, you heard me, ONE item in the car when we left.  Cale chose a yellow race car, and Sissy chose a sandwich bag filled with dirty socks.  Whatever.  She kept calling it her "snack"'s that for thinking outside the box?  They were a hoot all day....Cale told me in Ross (LOUDLY)..."Mommy, I have to poop in Ross.  It costs fifty dollars to change my diaper."  I'm not sure what THAT one is about, but everything is about fifty dollars today.  I was thinking to myself that I should be charging HIM fifty dollars every time I change one of HIS diapers.  Hayden cried when she realized that she had to go home with me and couldn't go with Mimi today...and said she had to go to Mimi's to play her guitar.  There is no guitar at Mimi's so I'm not sure what she's talking about, but you have to admire her attempt at negotiation.  She has some work to do in that department.
So off I am to finish my cute garland!