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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Ah...the weeks and weeks of buildup, of planning, of decorating.....and it's all over!  Shawn said he had "Post Halloween Depression" which isn't really a joke coming from him since this is by far his favorite holiday.  In true Shawn form, he wore a "non-costume" that consisted of a weird moustache, wig, and a fat gut...keeping with his tradition of basically just dressing up as a creep on Halloween.  I was too busy getting stuff ready for my kids to concoct a costume this year...I wore vampire teeth, but the little ones didn't like that so I was pretty much costume-less.  All of my fun and enjoyment was multiplied a billion times over compared to every other Halloween of the past...and it's all because my kids are old enough to get it!  I thought I would get to pick their costumes for at least one more year, but NO...they knew for the past month that they wanted to go as Spiderman and Tinkerbell.  Neither are terribly original, but they were excited so what the hey...Cale loved the muscles sewn into his costume, and Hayden was excited that she got to wear fairy dust (sparkly powder) and lip gloss. Livi went as herself, dressed in Halloween leggings.    Our weekend consisted of hanging out with friends and family, eating entirely too much junk, skipping naps, going to bed too late and generally misbehaving because of the lack of sleep.  The babies loved having their friends over on Friday, and on Saturday we took them to trick or treat with Logan.  They had NO fear of trick or treating...walked right up and rang doorbells, held out their bags, said "Thank You" and "Happy Halloween"....they even attempted some small talk with the home owners.  We hit about twenty houses, which was WAY more than I thought we would there is an overflowing basket of candy in my kitchen that is going to stare at me for a week, calling my name.  Hopefully Shawn will eat most of it....Today was the last day of anything Halloween related...we headed to Target to the Halloween aisle (along with about four thousand other people) and picked up lots of cute stuff...goodies for next year's Halloween treat bags, some decorations and a few cute Halloween outfits for the girls to wear next year.  We were with Shawn's family, and his grandma spoiled us by paying for everything ONCE AGAIN.  I hate to let her do it, but she insists, and we do appreciate it!  Now the Halloween pick up and put away begins and my Christmas planning starts....