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Monday, October 26, 2009

Just when I think I can't take another minute of the hollering, the hitting, the taking away of someone else's toy....they do a complete 180 and love all over each other.  Sometimes the loving turns into tackling, or squeezing a little too hard, but I guess that is what being twins is all about.  In utero, Hayden was always kicking and punching Cale in the face, and he always had his little arms up protecting his head....and now on the outside, it seems as if this trend is continuing!  Don't get me wrong, he can defend himself, and does if the need arises...but it seems like she does more of the instigating at this point.  The thing about Sissy is; she can love you just as hard as she can irritate you. One second she will be mad as a hornet about something, and the next minute she will be telling you she loves you.   Daddy says she reminds him of someone else....hmmm, I wonder who he is talking about?