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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Regular old Saturday...

Something about the weather changing makes me want to stay home...For some reason, I need less "entertainment" and am happier just putzing around the house.  I love lighting candles, listening to football on in the background (sometimes even watching it!) and working away in my craft room...I love the little visits I get from the babies..."Mommy, You seen Shrek?", "Hi, Mommy!", "Mommy, what you doing?"....for some reason (probably all the pretty colored spools of thread and colored pins) they LOVE being in the craft room with me...which poses a bit of a problem since it is all of thirty square feet and there is always an iron plugged in.  
This morning we were going to venture out to the pumpkin patch, but woke up to rain and decided mud and pumpkin patch just don't mix.  What to do in the rain?  Head out to the mall for some Chick-fil-a!  The mall is always an interesting cultural experience...luckily I have a husband who notices/is entertained by all the same things as me, so we have quite a time together!  We enjoyed the laziness of having nowhere to be, and walked around until it was nap time.....and then spent the rest of the day at home.  Shawn ran out for a few minutes to see some homes on the architect's tour....and rushed home so that I could go see them, too.  I opted out....not that I don't LOVE oogling mansions, but I didn't really want to go alone, and I was enjoying being snuggled in at home with the twins napping and sweet baby Livi hanging out with me....she tried to "talk" to me all day, which basically consists of moving her eyebrows up and down and opening her mouth like she is trying to make sounds come out.  She almost looks surprised that no words are coming out....she was SO smily today, which I love....she is starting to become quite the little charmer.....anyway, I enjoyed the laziness of today, something I would have thought BORING not so many years ago....did a little crafting (more to come on that) and what is a blog without a picture??  I added this one of baby Livi in her bumbo seat....she looks so big, and surprised that she is sitting up.  She can handle the Bumbo for about four minutes before she turns into jello and starts slumping over like a drunk on a public bus, which cracks me up.