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Monday, September 28, 2009

Daddy's old shirt

Sassy is at Mimi's tonight for a slumber party.  She wanted to come home, but was lured to stay with promises of getting to sleep in Mimi's bed, and cinnamon rolls in the morning.  Wanting to come home is an all new development...I used to think that she could just pack her bags and move out and never think twice about it.  It's fun to just have one twin, and I know Bubby loves the extra attention (so does she!) so we split them up every once in a while for some special time at Mimi and Pope's.  Anyway, we were feeling a little lonesome for her tonight, and when I came in the craft room I noticed the dress I had started for her last week, laying there unfinished....and decided to complete it for her.  It's a really cute project using a man's dress shirt...Shawn had a really nice one that was going in the trash....a blue pen had exploded in his pocket and we tried everything to get it out.  Something in me couldn't throw it out, so I stuffed it in my craft dresser where it has been sitting for quite a while.  When I found this tutorial on this great blog (thanks Nat) I knew what I was going to make next!!  The blue ink stain is sneakily covered by the applique flower....I am still debating whether or not to add an elastic waist...I think I might since she is so skinny.  I think it turned out pretty cute!!  There is a tiny little stain on the collar.....last week when I put the first pieces together I laid it over her head to check the length...when I realized she had a mouthful of M&M.  She proceeded to tell me, "It's not my size, Mommy!" and brown goo dripped down the front. Oh well....hopefully it will come out, and if not, it probably would have happened the first time she wore it anyway! 


Jenn and Jason said...

That is SO CUTE Nicole ... such a great idea. I don't how you find the time for craft projects though ... amazing!

Jessica said...

So adorable! You're too crafty and make the rest of us moms look like lazy bums! I'm so glad your mom forwarded me your blog - I haven't been able to do anything during Kate's nap-time but peruse all your previous posts! Your writing is so entertaining! I wish we lived closer!