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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My craft room: Disarray.

I am finding myself in a way that is pretty familiar to me the middle of about four hundred projects.  The crafter in me (okay, just ME in general) is pretty ADD, so I usually have about ten things going on at once, and they are all laying all over my craft room in a state of "half done-ness".  I took this picture as proof of my disability....I've got laundry all over the place, a dress I am working on, freezer paper stenciling projects (my new favorite!), both girls Christmas dresses half cut out, pants for Hayden that I want to make shirts to match, clothes I made Hayden that I still want to photograph...the list goes on and on!!  I particularly like the breast pump on the floor of this picture....must multi-task while scouring the internet for ideas! If I could only figure out how to sew and pump at the same time, I'd be in the money!! Junk is all over the washer and dryer, since I don't have enough work space...which reminds me I need to start coming up with a solution for that, too.  
I have a TON of other stuff I'm working on.....getting Halloween stuff ready, painting a little table for Cale's room (and debating whether or not to mod podge fabric to the top), organizing the craft room, making these cute little flower hair clips I saw in a boutique but can replicate for about twenty five cents apiece, starting to think about Christmas presents and my attempt to make heartfelt, meaningful gifts this year instead of buying everything...(more on that later!) etc, etc.  I need to buckle down and actually finish some projects before starting a new one.....if not for my sanity then for the sheer fact that I can't do laundry in this room as it stands now!