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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little football

Perhaps the title of this post should read "A LOT of football" since that seems to be what magically appears on my TV screen every time I leave the room.  I am just disinterested in professional football....I feel like it's all about money, rather than trying to win for the love of your school. (Anyway, I could go on all day about THAT, which is not what this post is about!)  I do however, actually enjoy college football.  Shawn has figured out that I enjoy it even more when the players are like characters on a soap opera to he has me watch all the backstories they show on ESPN....which does make it so much more interesting, and something I really like watching...  More than half the fun to me is getting together with friends to watch the game, munching on yummy goodies and talking while the game plays.  This weekend we watched the TX/OU game with our friends the Zunkers, who we love!  Our kids especially love their playroom and backyard.  You would think our kids don't own a single toy the way they go crazy in that playroom.  And they act like they've never seen a backyard before!  (technically, they haven't, since my flea bitten mongrels occupy ours, leaving it not suitable for playing!) Anyway, we all had a great cutie girls were all dressed for the game in matching Texas cheerleader outfits that Popo got them, and all the boys had on their little jerseys...
which I would have photographed if they had sat still long enough to capture it on film.  Cale has a way of disappearing into another room whenever the camera comes out!  Funny story:  if you look at the first picture in this post, you'll see it is of Hayden and Parks watching TV in Daniel and Amy's bed.....towards the end of the game, the kiddos were wearing thin and Parks wanting to watch Wow Wow Wubzy in their bed....Hayden decided that sounded like a good idea so Amy set her up with her own little pillow and blanket and they had the best time relaxing and watching the show.  Since then, Hayden keeps telling me, "I get in bed with Parks?" which is cute now but won't be so adorable in a few years!!