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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Friday night we went out to the little Oktoberfest put on by Ft. Sam.  We weren't expecting the cold, so our kids were a little under dressed for the weather, but they were so entertained by the festivities they couldn't have cared less!  When we drove up and saw the lights of the carnival, they got SO excited....they were practically crawling out of their skin to go check it out, but we hadn't eaten yet so they were forced to hang out in the food tent while we grabbed something to eat.  After they scarfed down about half a roll and four raisins, they were ready to go check out the rides.  (luckily the eating part sped right along because my husband inadvertently walked right up to the front of a LONG food line and bypassed about fifty people to order our food.  We cracked up when we realized what he'd done, but what could we do at that point?  We just laughed thinking about what the people in line thought of him sashaying up to the front like he was a VIP or something...)  The german band (Oma and the Oompahs) were really cute, and they held the babies attention long enough for us to eat....when we headed outside to see the carnival, we almost had to run to keep up with the babies...they were in AWE of the noises and the lights....we were pretty sure that they would have nothing to do with the rides once they got up close, but after walking around inspecting them for a few minutes, they actually expressed some interest in riding the little cars that go around in a circle.  I was a little worried because the cars not only circled, but went up and down about six feet in the air on a giant metal arm.  I knew there was bound to be some freaking out once they were on the ride, but I don't want to make them scared of trying new things, so we got out our tickets and got in line.  I retrieved my camera to mark the occasion of "first carnival ride" and had to take a picture of the rules....Which made me wonder what kind of freak would FORCE their frightened child on a carnival ride....(probably the kind of people who frequent carnivals)  This sign got me a little worried about the in flight "panicking", so Shawn and I gave them a pep talk before the ride started, and positioned ourselves on opposite sides of the ride so that one of us was always in their line of vision, hopefully to prevent the kind of freaking out that the rules sign forewarned.  They were happy as clams as we strapped them in and gave them the pep talk........but once the ride started you could see some pretty evident fear written on their faces.  Cale hunkered down and grabbed the hood of the little car with both arms, and Hayden's eyes were wide open, swiveling her little head all over the place looking for us.  Shawn and I stood on the sidelines clapping and hollering about how fun it was, hoping to distract them from the terror that was going on.  Luckily it only lasted a few minutes (probably because the ride operator thought my kids were about to lose it) and they were happy to get off in one piece.  I am hoping the ride didn't scar them forever on trying new things......unless it just makes them scared of carnivals (which I am fine with).  I asked Cale if he liked it and he said, "It was a little scary but I didn't stand up.".....which was cute because he obviously listened to the pre-ride briefing.   Later, when I was scrolling through the pictures from that night, I came across this one and had to laugh...Cale is hanging on for dear life and Hayden looks like she is thinking, "Get me the hell off this thing!".  Clearly this picture isn't going to win me any mother of the year awards, but it cracks me up.   I am just proud they tried it in the first place....although our suggestions of riding the tiny ferris wheel were met with two very vehement "NO's!"