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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random thoughts for today....

1.  I love this weather!!!
2.  Something died in our walls or ducts, and smells like I affixed a "Festering Boil" plug in in every outlet.  It is horrible...really unbearable.  Pest control can't find the offending creature, and candles only barely mask the scent....kinda like someone poured strawberry syrup over a dead animal.  We were informed the smell would eradicate itself in a week and a half.  Yippee.
3.  Doodle pea #1 and Doodle pea #3 are wearing matching outfits again today...Wasn't sure I would be that kind of mom, but here we are.  I just love seeing Sissy's outfits copied on the tiny one in miniature.
4.  I am wearing my real jeans today....but don't get too excited.  They are still a little squeezy....and not my ideal size anyway, but at least they don't have "Liz Lange" written on the tag.
5.  I am not going to spank anyone today.  Everyone will behave perfectly, even in Luby's, even when they see the Icee machine in Target. 
6.  From watching the credits roll at the end of "Lazytown", I have realized everyone (read: EVERYONE) in Iceland has a last name that ends in "sonn".  
7.  I have a ton of projects I want to start.  Namely: this Marigold dress and this Shirt dress.  Hayden LOVES her Daddy, so I thought it would be cute to make her a dress out of one of his old dress shirts. (A really cute one, that happened to be part of an unfortunate blue ink incident)
8.  I am uncomfortably excited about the Grey's Anatomy premiere tomorrow night.
9.  I have decided I love San Antonio Photolab.  If you haven't ordered prints from them, check them out.  It is a little more expensive than Shutterfly, but WAY better quality, and they offer all sorts of arty choices (wrapped canvas, flat canvas, etc.)  There are good out of state companies too, but I decided I can't tell the difference.  I have decided to support local business and try to use them more!
10.  My new favorite thing this week is Sally Hansen's new Insti-dry nail polish.  Finally, I can paint my own fingernails without looking like I had one too many cocktails before painting.  The brush is flat instead of round, which  works SO well....and the polish really IS dry in like thirty seconds, which means you don't mess up your polish when someone needs to go to time out in the middle of your painting!  I bought a sparkly dark purple in honor of fall, and I'm feeling very sassy about it! :)


Amy said...

i relate well to your randomness...i love catching up on your thoughts:) let's play...your another week and a half:)