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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday didn't start out that well.  The alarm was set for eight a.m., in the event that a tiny human hadn't already woken us up by then.  My dear husband heard the alarm, got up, saw that it was raining and decided we probably weren't going to do what we'd planned to do that day.  So he let me normally, this would have been a really, really nice thing to do, but I was so looking forward to our once a year trip into Gruene for the Buck Pottery Seconds Sale.  This is a big event in our family.  (Ok, for my mom and I.  The boys just get drug along for the ride. And to lift heavy things.)  I woke up on my own at almost eight thirty and started scrambling around trying to get everyone ready, while trying not to holler at the dear husband for not waking us up.  We threw two blueberry breakfast bars at the twins, strapped everyone in, and hurried down the road.  Shawn was sure he'd get me there by ten, but ten is really too late.  All the pottery is sitting on tables out in the yard, roped off from the onlookers.  Normally, we get there about forty five minutes early to walk around the tables, plan what we want and strategize.  This is the best part!  When ten rolls around, the ropes come down, and all the pottery is gone in about three minutes.  You've never seen such a sporting event as fifty women scrambling all over each other trying to get at this stuff....part of the fun is the dash to grab, and almost getting in a fist fight over what you want.  I was trying to explain this excitement to my amused husband as we rushed to New Braunfels.  I tried to tell him it would be like him getting to play in the Super Bowl, but he thought that was hilarious.  He managed to pull me up to the front at 9:58 ("just in time" by his standards) which gave me enough time to grab a box and run towards the tables right before the ropes were taken down.  I hadn't gotten to scope or strategize, so I was blind shopping....(sort of like playing a team you hadn't watched film on...again with the football comparison)  I managed to snag a few really cute things anyway, leading my husband to believe that rolling up two minutes early was going to be our new family tradition. (He's wrong.)
Despite almost missing the biggest event of the fall, we had a really nice day!  We hit Gruene Market Days, and I managed to get some super cute pictures of my kiddos and their BFF Logan....(always bringing the camera!!) We ate lunch at Gristmill, and took our sweaty babies home for a fall day!!