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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lest anyone think I have more to say about my girls, here's my little "Cale only" post.  He doesn't always grab the attention the way Sissy and a newborn do, but he is his own brand of funny.  He is obsessed with football and all things Bevo, and loves to talk about it.  The other day, for instance, he was trying desperately to put on his football helmet while I was changing his number two diaper.  He was thrashing all over the place, making it difficult on mommy, all the while telling me "I go to the bevo school.  I play football and hit a baseball."  I decided then and there that if we are at the point where we are discussing potential colleges, you should be pooping in the potty.  If you tell Cale "Boomer Sooners!" he hollers back, "NO!! NO BOOMAH SOONAH! HOOK EM HORNS!!!" (which my grandpa thinks is very funny).....  He is so tenderhearted, but a little stingy with affection. (unless he is the one initiating it)  Case in point:  in the cart at Ross yesterday he was talking to his new Spiderman doll....I heard him saying, "Spiderman, I take care of you. I will always take care of you."  EVERYTHING is Spiderman now....the other morning, the first thing he said to me when I opened his door was "Mommy, I'm Spiderman."  He carries the doll around and narrates to me what it is doing. "Mommy, Spiderman is climbing the ladder.  Mommy, Spiderman is looking out the window."  It's a shame the movie is too scary, because I believe seeing the real Spiderman in action would absolutely blow his mind.  Cale is Mr. Manners in our house...all about "thank you", "you're welcome" and "I'm sorry."  He uses them at completely inappropriate times (like "I'm sorry Mommy" when I'm the one who accidentally mows him down in the hall) but at least his heart is in the right place!  He is OBSESSED with Shawn, and loves for him to come home at night.  If my mom or I tell him we love him, he answers back, "I love my Daddy."  I think he thinks if he tells me he loves me, it might diminish a little of his Daddy love and that ain't happening!!  He is almost always in a good mood or laughing, unless you wake him up before he is done sleeping, in which case he is a GRUMP.  He will refuse to leave his room, sitting on the bed or standing in one place while swinging his arms around answering "I DIDN'T" to anything you ask him.  For example, "Cale, do you want to go get some juice?" Answered with: "I DIDN'T!!" 
He is terrified of the carwash, and gets extremely nervous if we so much as comment on the dirt on our car.  He remembers everything, uses words like "rhinoceros", "bulldozer", "recycling", "dinosaur"...pretty much anything he hears he can use in discussion later.  He tries to be funny, getting on a kick where he hollers a word repeatedly and laughs hysterically after doing so.  One day the word was "coconuts".  The next day it was "bumblebee"....the last few days it has been "Dido" which isn't really a word, but clearly it is hilarious.  If we say anything is awesome, he likes to answer, "No, it's not awesome.  It's terrible." because that cracks him up.  He is rough and tumble, ALL boy.....but to me, still my little six pound five ounce newborn.  I told Shawn that this is what moms think of when their sons tell them they are joining the Marines:  when their little boy was a tiny newborn, or a toddler sitting in the backseat of the car pointing out diggers and airplanes.  If only he could stay little!!