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Friday, September 4, 2009

28 months...

28 months old means:
-still no interest in potty training, but a lot of interest in the "Potty Power" DVD.  Cale keeps claiming he has Potty Power, but I've seen no evidence of it thus far.
-playing make believe.  They have Tinkerbell and SpiderMan jammies (thanks to Mimi) and they run around saying things like, "I'm coming to get you, Tinkerbell!" or "Save me, Spiderman!" Hilarious!
-still taking one long nap and a "rest time" every day...I know, I know...I am LUCKY.
-devouring a food one day, and refusing to look at it the next.
-remembering things, making connections, learning new words and phrases every day.  Last week, Hayden was looking at my grandma's necklace, and she asked her, "Is that your birthstone?"  Ummm, Hello?  Where did she learn that??
-being able to walk next to Mommy instead of getting in the stroller.  Sometimes.  And for very short distances.
-saying funny things, knowing they are being funny, and repeating them for effect.
-equally alternating between smacking and hitting each other, and running around  like they are thick as theives.  
-loving TV.  This is okay when they are intent on watching Noggin, (which I have convinced myself is basically free preschool) and not so okay when Daddy has it on ESPN and the preview for Halloween 2 comes on. 
-starting to have some awareness of REAL consequence for actions.  (I.e: they might still disobey, but right before they do it, they confirm the resulting action. "Mommy, I get a spanking?")
-Lots and LOTS more hilarious statements, like:
"Mommy, someone stinks." -Hayden
"Mommy, that looks like a beautiful!" -Hayden, as I was painting the back door.
"I like to tackle.  I like to hurt people."-Cale, talking about football...we had to review with Daddy what it meant to appropriately encourage a love of sports.  
"Leave me alone!" -Hayden, going to the restroom behind the couch.
"Mommy, I want a big fry.  A giraffe fry." -Cale, asking for a big french fry.  I guess he used the word "giraffe" because it was the tallest thing he could think of.
"That is NOT scary.  That is fun!" -Cale, watching the news as they reported on the re-opening of Kiddie Park.  Little does he know he'll need a tetanus shot before his mommy lets him experience that little bit of San Antonio culture.  
"That's ludicrous!" -Hayden, after I told her we were going shoe shopping for her.  Seriously, you say a word ONCE and it is immediately part of her vocabulary.  
"I did NOT obey!" -Cale, in a grumpy mood, after not really doing anything wrong at all.  He just wanted to ruffle my feathers.  

Twenty eight months is definitely not two anymore...but not yet three!  It is exhausting, rewarding, hilarious, and futile all at once.  It is getting loved in return, and having two little friends around to talk to.  (Who sometimes make me laugh more than people my own age!) 
It is saying wise, brilliant things, but still in a baby voice.  It is snuggly love, hugs and kisses...mixed with refusal to give hugs and kisses when they are feeling independent.  It is the first time someone calls you "Mom!" instead of Mommy.  (sniff) It is the very beginning of seeing into what kind of people they are going to turn in, funny, fun loving, sensitive, deep thinking, stubborn...
It is the best stage yet!! 


kewald said...

What a vocabulary!!! They're looking so "big!" Miss you! Hope to see you again at gymnastics!