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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Point and Shoot

My cousin Casey stained and painted this adorable table and chair set for the babies as their "big brother/big sister" gifts....they are LOVING sitting in the little chairs, eating at the table, pushing the chairs around the room, rearranging them, climbing on them...etc.  After their nap today, they lined the chairs up in front of the TV, and were sitting in them talking to each other.  I heard Hayden telling Bubby, "We sit together because we are friends."  I grabbed my little point and shoot camera and snuck around the corner to take their picture....and these are the pics I got.  Looking at them cracks me up, and reminds me why we bought a better camera.  Two year olds are WAY too fast for a point and shoot....they move twelve times between the flashing of the red eye reduction thing and when the camera actually takes the picture.  I will remember this next time I am trying to sneak up on a photo opportunity!! 
p.s.  How about Hayden's naptime hair?