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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Winston Churchill

I believe my baby is beautiful...she has a perfectly round little head, and the prettiest colored skin...her little eyes are so alert, and she already looks at me like she understands everything I am saying.  She tracks things with her eyes, which are a dark blue gray.   (which means they'll probably turn brown like her mommy's....which is fine with least one of my kids will look like they came from me!)  She has more hair than either of my other babies had, and it already curls a little bit on the back of her head.  She has long, pretty fingers, and tiny feet.  
But recently, she has started spitting up, and acting a little fussy.  I am TERRIFIED she will be a reflux vomiter like her sissy was, because I spent nine months covered in spit up the last go round.  None of Hayden's adorable outfits ever got seen by anyone, because she was always covered with a bib or burp cloth. (and in a pinch, or when she'd already puked on everything else, sometimes she had an old dish rag tucked into her collar...oh well!) 
So you might be asking yourself why this blog post is titled "Winston Churchill"...well, her little upset tummy leads her to make some pretty weird faces.  They crack us up, but have led people to make some pretty funny comments.  Today my grandpa told me she looked like Don Rickles.  And tonight, my mom and dad decided she looked more like Winston Churchill.  Not exactly the kind of thing you want to be said to you regarding your baby girl.  If she would just stop grimacing so much, people would stop comparing her to old men!!  As funny as this whole thing is....I am worried the faces and the crying mean she is in pain, or her tummy hurts....she has to be held in some weird positions sometimes to make her happy, thus the picture you see here.  Every time my mom tried to lay her back, she cried.  As long as she propped her up like this, slouched over, she was happy as a clam, and slept just fine.  Hopefully this phase passes....of course, she's eating just fine, so she can't feel THAT bad!