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Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy weekend

For two days in a row, I had to wake my brood up (rather than the other way around).  We had so much to do!!  Saturday was sweet Davie's second birthday party, complete with a tiny animal petting zoo-so cute!!  Of course, my two decided they would rather play inside in the playroom with all the boys' toys....oh well! Whatever!  I enjoyed catching up with friends while sweet baby Livi slept the ENTIRE time in her carseat!  (Who said three babies was going to be hard??)
After that party, we headed home for a VERY quick nap, and then right back out again to Uncle Fred's birthday party in Boerne.  We stayed and visited with family as long as Mommy could stand is HARD watching two two year olds in someone else's house....they spent two hours chasing the poor cat, pulling cookies off the buffet table, and standing entirely too close to lit candles.  We left when the crying started.  Sunday we drove to Giddings for a family reunion...we were so excited to see Nick and Casey and ESPECIALLY baby Kate, who turns one this month!  The reunion was at a VFW hall, and my kids ran all over that place like they owned it....every twenty minutes or so, one of them would go streaking past me, shoeless, or I would hear Sissy crying on the other side of the was pretty funny!  I sort of felt like I had twelve kids with all the supervising that was going on.  On the way home, the twins cooperated in a little mini photo session (because we know Mommy always has the camera and is scoping out cute shoots).....despite the fact that they had very little sleep and hardly anything to eat at all over the past 48 hours, they were pretty good sports!  I'm almost looking forward to the week starting again so that we can get some rest....