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Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Wimmin Poo!"

Tonight we hung out with the Zunker's at Aunt Joyce's "Wimmin Poo".  The babies were SO excited to go....and kept talking about swimming with Parks and Davis at "The ant's house"...I spell it "ant", because we are pretty sure they thought we were talking about an actual ant.  I wonder if they were surprised when we got there!!!  It was such laid back fun....grilling (that Daniel's dad did, leaving us all to visit...THANK YOU!!) and swimming with the babies.  It is only three weeks post c-section for me, so I am not allowed in the pool yet, but I enjoyed sitting on the side and helping the babies in and out...Hayden told me on the way over there: "I am going to catch my daddy!"....she loves that Daddy throws her in the air in the pool and catches her as she jumps in from the side.  Cale is not so adventurous in the water yet.  He tolerates being drug around in a floaty for about ten minutes, and then asks to get out so he can explore the yard.  (And climb on stuff he's not supposed to climb on!)  It's hard work watching two busy two year olds around a pool, but so fun to see how much they are starting to enjoy things like this...someday I will remember them swimming in their little swim diapers, with their faces stained red from watermelon and I will miss these summers from when they were tiny and so full of I vow to enjoy every minute of it!!