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Friday, August 21, 2009

First haircut!!

Cale got his first real big boy haircut opposed to the the actual "first" time his hair was cut, which basically entailed Mimi chasing after him with sewing scissors, desperately trying to trim his scraggly mullet.  We took him to a cute little kids' hair cut place, because I wanted the first time to be I wanted him to be distracted enough by the racecar chairs and kids movies that he wouldn't scream like a girl when the haircut started.  Luckily, two other little boys were ahead of him, so we had to play in the salon for awhile before it was our turn....the babies colored in coloring books, wrote on the chalkboard wall, rode a little car, and ran around using their outside voice....By the time she was ready for Cale, he was right at home.  He picked a little black race car to sit in, and did way better than I thought he would.  As soon as she had the apron on him, he started saying "I get down."  We told him it wouldn't take long, so that quickly changed to "I get down in a minute."  He actually sat still, and looked down when she told him to.  Mommy is a little sad, because his baby mullet is gone and he looks like a big boy!  Hayden's comment was: "Bubby!  You look like a handsome!" and she's right....he does!!