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Friday, August 21, 2009

This morning my sweet friend Dawn came over to take pics of baby Livi....she is interested in photography like me, and I was hoping to be in a few pictures, so...rather than take a bunch of Livi by myself, I enlisted Dawn's help.  This "photoshoot" went awry from the get go....I got up early to get all three babies ready, and prepped the big babies about being in the photos with Livi.  I set out a bunch of blankets, hats and props to use during our photoshoot...I tested out the light in the nursery to make sure it was bright enough....when Dawn walked in the door, Hayden ripped the bow off her head, started bawling, and threw herself on the floor.  I knew right then we were going to be fighting an uphill battle!!  Livi wanted to nurse the ENTIRE time.  When we decided to take some cute naked pics, Livi decided to unload her bladder about three times...all over me, herself, and her rocker.  If you're laughing, just wait!  It gets worse!  Dawn was in the process of taking some adorable pictures of Livi on the rocker when the pooping was like a California mudslide in the nursery.  The twins are crying, and covered in melted M&M's (that were used as bribery to get them to "kiss the baby" in some pictures) By this time, we're laughing hysterically (because it was so ridiculously crazy....we'd cry if we didn't laugh)  After a load of laundry, a bath for Livi, and some more nursing to calm her down, we actually got some cute pics.  Here are a few preview pictures for my readers to check out....I took about ten with my own camera just so I would have a few to play with using my photo editing would never believe by looking at this serene baby how HORRIBLY she cooperated this morning!! 


Amy said...

that's so funny! the pics are cute...can't wait to see the rest:)