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Monday, August 17, 2009

My little Rembrandts...

So I have been feeling more than just a little bit guilty about spending so much time with Livi while I have two two year olds that still need me....They don't understand why someone is always on my lap when they want their mommy.  I want them to feel special, and get to do fun kid things even though there is a tiny baby at home.  Shawn and I have made an effort to do special things for them in the last couple of weeks to make the transition easier: going to the park, going to get ice cream, playing outside, etc....but those things are next to impossible to do while I am home alone with three kids under two and a half!  So today, when Livi finally decided she had nursed enough (which is rare) I got out some watercolors and paper and showed them how to paint.  I am embarrassed to admit this is the first time we've done this, but it's better late than never!  I had to squelch my OCD impulses, since the first half of our "painting" experiment consisted of getting the brushes wet and mixing all the colors together in the tray.  (something that I considered a Defcon 5 offense when I taught kindergarten!)  Once we realized that the paint goes on the paper (as opposed to the floor and our legs) they really had a good time!  I loved watching them paint, and listening to their commentary as they created.....Doing this made me realize I should have done it sooner...I think they are going to love art just like their momma!  They were so excited to show each other what they were painting...and kept telling each other "Look Sissy!  I made a big dinosaur!" or "I made a road!!" It was lots and lots of fun especially since watercolors come off of cabinets and floors!