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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Livi is here!

I can't believe a week has already gone by since Livi's arrival....and I REALLY can't believe I'm actually sitting down long enough to blog about it!  I feel like I am sitting all the time, just with a baby in my lap...I guess being born at 9 pounds 8 ounces means you like to eat. :)
Last week at this time I was checking into the hospital...very different than my last birth.  Last time I stayed overnight trying to induce labor, and in the morning we decided I was going to have a c-section, so I walked down to the operating room.  This time, I checked in and went straight to recovery, where they started my I.V. and asked a bunch of crazy questions that they don't allow your husband to hear the answers to.  (Which was super funny to us at the time.....when Shawn got back there, I told him that I told the nurse that the father's last name was "Hatter" spelled 
"J-a-c-k-s-o-n".  I guess the nerves made me a little hysterical, because everything was funny.  After waiting a few hours, we walked into the operating room, where my epidural had to be done twice since I kept feeling it only in my right side....which TERRIFIED me because I didn't want to feel them sawing open my left side!  The anesthesiologist was so fun, and he and the nurse really helped me relax before they started.  All my limbs started tingling (the weirdest feeling EVER) and my mom and Shawn got to come in....I was talking about how I was worried that I needed more in my epidural, and my doctor looked at me over the curtain and said, "Honey, I already made the incision."  I guess I was numb enough....I was just worried I would feel SOMETHING, and I didn't want to feel ANYTHING.  It took her about ten minutes, and then we heard, "Oh my gosh! She's huge! It's a HUGE baby!!" and I got worried.....were they talking a big baby or genetic abnormality big?  It felt like my doctor was standing on my chest to pull her out, too!  The doctor's first guess was TWELVE pounds....I would have been more surprised if I wasn't so coked out of my mind that I could only keep one eye open.  They showed her to me, and sure enough, she was HUGE...not twelve pounds huge, but 9lbs. 8oz, which is pretty big regardless!  After I got over the shock of that, I realized it was a GOOD thing...meaning that was less weight for me to lose! Yippee!! We got out of surgery, and Kelly was waiting for us, so the four of us talked and laughed in recovery for a couple of hours...usually they let only one person in recovery with you, but it was EMPTY, so I guess they didn't care.....Our hospital stay was okay....I got horrible gas pains in my back and side again this time, so one night was MISERABLE....they tried everything to get them to go away, and I mean everything.  I will spare my readers the details, but it was not fun.  Luckily, they went away the next day, and they let us out of the hospital a day early!  We were so ready to get home and see our babies....who are adjusting very nicely indeed.  They are supremely interested in the baby, and nursing in general, which is funny.  Their comments have been very interesting.  So far, Livi is perfect!  She hardly ever cries, is SO alert, has to be woken up at night to eat, loves being held, smiles in her sleep, and is a great nurser.  I keep hoping this lasts, and she doesn't get a whole lot crankier when she wakes up next week...
We still can't believe we have THREE kids....last week she wasn't here, and now we can't imagine a world without her....