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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two weeks old...

I took Livi to the pediatrician this morning for her first visit.....and quickly learned that taking one baby to the doctor is WAY easier than taking two!  I'm not sure how I survived the newborn phase with two, but apparently I did, since I have two two year olds to prove it!  I fed Livi before we left the house, but sure enough, the minute we sat down in the waiting room she decided she was hungry....I am not nearly comfortable (or granola) enough to whip it out and feed her in front of people, so she got an emergency bottle of formula, which she sucked down in about fifteen seconds.  She has done nothing but nurse since we left the hospital, so I was hoping she had regained her birth weight....which she did!  She weighed in at a considerable nine pounds nine ounces.  She is in the 95th percentile in both length and weight, so it is looking like Shawn will end up with two daughters who are six feet tall!  We're just going to keep our fingers crossed that Cale grows taller than these two girlies. 
Livi was SO good at the doctor...didn't cry at all during her shot, but hated her PKU test. She cried and cried, but fell asleep while I was checking out and stayed asleep for a few hours afterward.  Besides the fact that she has a little infected tear duct (just like Cale did) she got a perfect bill of health!!  So far, she is a PERFECT baby....sleeps all night and eats wonderfully....we are keeping our fingers crossed that this lasts!!