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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Silly time with Daddy....

These babies really, REALLY love their Daddy...the best time of their day is when he comes home, and he is never too tired to do anything they want to do....the "fun thing" for this week is playing in our room, on the new rug we got.  We bought a super squishy pad to go under it, so my poor kids basically think they got a new trampoline.  They love to hop all over it, and roll on it, and jump up in the air and land on their bottoms on it.  (which doesn't look that comfortable to me, but oh well.)  Tonight when Daddy got home, the three of them went in there and were literally howling and squealing...I had to go get the camera and find out what was going on.  What I found was a bunch of nonsense...tackling, football throwing, running back and forth around the room.....just what a two year old thinks is fun!  These pictures crack me up....I know I will look back at them years from now and remember them the way they are in these a diaper, with no pants on (hey, we weren't going anywhere!) smiling and laughing with their Daddy!