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Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday party at the farm....

Sunday our good friend Parks had his fourth birthday party at Fiesta Farms.....we have been talking about/building up this party for about a week, so the babies knew they were going to a farm with animals....Shawn had told Hayden about riding a horse, and she responded, "Well, we'll see."....we knew she was probably not going to cooperate, and we were right!  Shawn tried to put her up on the horse, and she screamed and clung to him like he was trying to throw her into a vat of acid....Cale did a little better...cried while getting on the horse, but actually stayed on and tolerated his ride.  They LOVED the big sandy area with toys, and Cale kept telling me, "My like-a the dirt."  He is very easily big party tricks necessary for him.  He loved the pinata, and came running (from the dirt) when he heard them calling for the kids.  Sissy screamed the whole time the kids were hitting the pinata, once again confirming our assessment that she is a pacifist, unless she is the one doling out the violence. :)  Neither baby was interested in the hay ride, but they liked looking at all the animals, especially a TINY baby goat.  It was an ADORABLE place for a birthday party...and I held out for quite a while before being a hundred months pregnant took it's toll on me....we had the best time, and headed home with two very tired, sweaty kids.  (One who decided to take his tennis shoes and socks off in the car and shake out all the sand!)