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Thursday, July 16, 2009


My friend Natalie suggested this a LONG, LONG time ago.....having your blogs bound into a hardcover book using Blurb.  I LOVED the idea, and got started right away (more than a year ago) but found the undertaking MISERABLE since I was working with a horrible excuse for a computer.  I started thinking about my unfinished project a few weeks ago, and felt bad since I am hundreds of entries into blogging about this family, and still no book to show for it.  I figured this book would be the best record of our kids' lives, and it was a really cool way to document all our memories....why blog if it's all just going to get erased later and forgotten?  So I finally sat down and finished was WAY easier than the first time I tried to create this book....I learned some tricks that helped make it go more smoothly, but I am also working with a WAY better computer this was fast and super easy to finish the book and order it!  It arrived today, and I LOVE it!  It is such a special thing to have for my kids I am just wondering if I should order another one so that they both have a copy....not that Cale will care about it later, but his wife might.  (Did I really just say that?)  
The process was so easy, I finished Volume Two and already started on Volume Three.  Since I started blogging when the babies were born, I am making each volume last a year, from May to May.....I highly recommend this for any of you is a really nice memento, especially if you have long ago fallen off the scrapbooking wagon like me!  


Amy said...

oh my gosh...i'm so inspired now! i will need your tips. guess i also need to start blogging more that the typical every 5 months!

natalie said...

ironically, i added this to my major to do list today. i need to do 2008. it took a while and i was WAY too knitpicky (go figure) but maybe it'll be smoother this time. and day cale will have a wife. i debated ordering an extra too, but i passed. don't have a real good reason why. oh wait...because i still live in fairy land and think that i'll have scrapbooks for them and their lives. hmmmm?