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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From the mouths of 27 month olds...

Hayden, when I told her her Daddy was home: "Daddy!  You're home!  I missed you!"

Cale, discussing the incident where he dropped an eight pound weight on his foot and bled all over the place: "Drop it on my foot.  I cry.  Sit on the couch.  Get a band aid.  Get a popsicle."

Hayden, talking about the pie I was eating: "I want pie.  I share it with my sister."  
Me: "Who's your sister?"
Hayden: "My sister Livi, in Mommy's tummy. She comes out last night."  (she understands that the baby is not coming right now...I guess "last night" means "some other time".                               
Cale, every time we are getting ready to leave the house:  "Go doctor?  See Livi?"...he clearly understands the frequency of third trimester OB visits. 

Hayden, about to leave the house: "Mommy!  I'm yeady!"  (all the r's are y's, as in "I'm yeading my book", "I'm yight here!", "I yike it!")

Hayden, when we discussed with her the need to surrender her pacifiers to Livi when she arrives: "Well, we'll see."

Cale, all day, every day: "Momma, I play with my big truck.  The digger.  The dump truck."  He talks and talks about trucks, and points them out ALL over the place.

Hayden, when her Daddy told her there would be a pony for her to ride at a birthday party: "Well, I'll think about it."

Cale, as I was singing to them in the car, "No, Mommy, Mimi sings that."  Apparently he is worried about copyright infringement already.

Cale, discussing falling out of his bed: "Momma, I fall out of my big boy bed.  I was jumping."  The funny thing is, Shawn asked me later if I knew Cale had fallen out of his bed, and I told him that he had already discussed it with babies are getting big enough to tattle on themselves (and each other!!)

Hayden, when getting admonished or corrected: "No, Mommy, YOU be a good girl!"
"No Mommy, it is NOT ridiculous!" and "Go over there!"...she points to another place in the room, as if she's trying to change the subject or distract us...

Hayden, when I told her she was going to stay in time out until she told Cale she was sorry for hitting him: "I am NOT sorry!" (I'm telling you, this one is a MESS!...I told Shawn when God was handing out personality, this kid got in line twice.)

Both babies still love to discuss the time Cale pooped in his swimsuit in the sprinkler. 
Hayden: "Bubby, don't poop."  (every time the kid puts on his swimsuit...he'll never live it down)
Cale: "I poot.  In the sprinkler.  Momma wash it out." (They were both very interested in me hosing the poop out into the yard.)


jo said...

and those comments just get better and better the older they get! You'll love that you are keeping track of them - priceless!!!

Jenn and Jason said...

I wish you could hear me because I'm cracking up right now! That was so funny - thanks for sharing! When the day comes I'm going to have to write down Ella Jay and Everett's verbal moments too. Can't wait!