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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The babies' view in the new car...

We have been discussing the purchase of a new car for awhile....we knew we were probably going to have an issue fitting three car seats into the middle (and only) row of seats in my Tahoe.  I thought maybe, MAYBE it might be possible, but the idea of Bubby and Sissy being that close to the new baby (and able to hand her tiny, choke-able items without parental supervision) led us to think a car with a third row was in our future.  We looked and looked (and by "we" I mean Shawn, who gives new meaning to the term "research"....the man researches to a point where I would have just given up....but that is why he is good at finding the deals!) and finally found a used Escalade here in town.  Before you get too excited, it IS used, but is still fancy to me!  My specifications were:  I wanted captain's chairs, and leather so that puke could easily be washed away.  Other than that, I was happy with whatever he came up with.  We put the babies into the very back row, so that I won't have to hoist Livi over seats into her new seat....which is not so easy being heavily pregnant!  Luckily, everyone has been helping me get the babies strapped in, and I have been trying to keep my trips out alone to a minimum.  This bigger car is funny....I can't hear what they are saying half the time (maybe not a bad thing??) and I can't hand them anything, which they don't understand.  They can't have Sonic drinks, mainly because I don't want them crapping out my new car, but also because I can't reach them in the event that I need to snatch the drinks away in a hurry if they are playing "dump it out".  Today in the bank teller waiting line, I snapped this picture of them....far, far away from me in the third seat....they both have this picture taking thing figured I was taking it, they were both saying, "Cheese, Momma!  Cheese!"  In case you were wondering, Hayden is indeed chewing on her shoeless foot....for some reason, we have entered a phase where the shoes come off the MINUTE we get in the car, which adds a full five minutes of shoe putting on when we get to our destinations....what is up with that?