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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Potty training: Mommy's the one getting schooled!!

So we've had the little green froggy potty for awhile.  We've tried to sit on it before bathtime, and both babies have gone number one in it ONE time each.  I guess they figured "been there, done that" and have moved on.  We suggest the potty at other times, but often get a "No" when we ask if they want to sit on it.  I'm not overly excited about pushing this potty thing...I think it will happen when they are good and ready....I just sort of felt like I should give it a try, being that they are showing all the signs of "potty readiness".  Dry diapers after nap? Check.  Interest in Mommy and Daddy using the potty? Check.  Asking to be changed when they are wet or dirty?  Check.  Plus, we are about to have to start buying NB diapers by the truckload again, so I thought it might be nice to have at least ONE baby semi-trained by the end of July.  We've tried to be pretty nonchalant about the whole thing....we talk about how big boys and girls go on the potty, and even have a jar of M&M's as a reward.  (They like the M&M's, just not enough to "perform" for them)  We got a little worried this past week, because Hayden all of a sudden had some moderate anxiety about the whole thing.  She would cry at naptime and at bedtime, saying "NOOOO!  I poop in my bed!"  We kept telling her it was okay, but the anxiety continued.  She got worse every day.  Asking me to change her about forty times a day, asking me to wash her hands all day long, crying at bathtime because she thought the bathtub was "dirty"...I even had to spray the cleaner in it and rinse in front of her to make her stop.   I told Shawn I think this is ALL very Freudian, and connected to the potty training.  She knows she can control it, and what the potty is for, but for some reason she is SO against using it.  After all the anxiety of the past week, we laid off for a while.....the nervousness has subsided a little bit, but the discussions have continued.  She is still upset when she has poop in her diaper, so to reassure her, we told her that everyone poops.  We made a big list of all the people and animals that poop, and that seemed to help.  She has been cracking us up with her random the middle of CostCo, she'll ask me, "Mommy, kitty cats poop?" and we have to assure her that yes, kitty cats do poop.  These are the things we will think are HILARIOUS later....right now I'm still a tiny bit worried there is some OCD starting or something!  (Hey! It's not impossible...she has a Mimi that vacuums twice a day!)