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Friday, June 26, 2009

Last week we ventured to Rockport to spend some quality time with our wonderful friends The Zunkers, and three quarters of the Sutherland family (Daddy Dub couldn't come) who we also love spending time with.  It was thoroughly relaxing, although going anywhere with two year olds gets a little interesting.  We spent lots of time sitting on the patio looking at the ocean, feeding the seagulls goldfish (the crackers, not the actual fish), letting the kiddos play in the water (mine weren't too hyped about this) and hitting baseballs off the tee in the front yard.  (Of course, we had to come right home and buy our own tee and new wiffle balls for Cale...he is obsessed) 
We set up the babies two pack n plays, and crammed their big two year old selves in them for naps and nighttime, which worked well....minus the one night Hayden woke up SCREAMING bloody murder and wouldn't stop....we were so worried she would wake up every other kid in the house and the Zunkers would send us packing....I stuffed a towel under our door in a lame attempt at sound proofing, and finally she went back to sleep, with the help of some milk.  For some reason, she decided she LOVED her Daddy in an extreme fashion during this trip, and I was a bum on the street corner, so he had to do everything...put on her shoes, refill her milk, carry her down the stairs...(wait, why is this bad again?) It is another reminder how humbling motherhood can you give birth to a human who you would give your life for, and they decide biting you and screaming "NO" in your face is an appropriate response to that love?  Sigh.  I am sure there's lots more where that came from in my future.  
Anyway, we loved, loved, LOVED the beach, and came home with a ton of questionable looking shells that Daddy helped the babies collect in the water.....they are in a red bucket and have been dumped out, sorted and reloaded in the bucket about four hundred times today alone....