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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I knew I would love this part of being a mommy.  My babies are at that phase where everything is new and amazing to them, and their commentary on their little world is hilarious!  I keep trying to remember all the funny things they are saying, and this blog has to be the medium I use to record them, since I lapsed on the scrapbooking a LONG, sad time ago. 
"Baby?  Hiding?"-Cale talking about the baby in Mommy's tummy.
"Open!"-Both babies, lifting up my shirt and wanting me to get the baby out.  
"Mimiappolis.  Mommyapolis.  Daddyapolis."-Hayden's commentary after we talked about flying out of Minneapolis.  
"I MEAN it!"-screamed at me by Hayden when I wouldn't let her run loose on the airplane.  
"Daddy Shawn.  Mommy Shawn."-Cale...when asked what our names were.  
"Bubbalicious"-Hayden, in response to the question, "What is your bubby's name?"
"Mommy, more ice cream cone bite."  Cale, the longest sentence he has spoken so far!!
"DADDY!!!!!  BUBBY!!!!!" screamed by Hayden, as she walked down the aisle at Uncle Andrew and Aunt Holly's wedding. 
"Thank you Momma.  You're welcome Baby." Hayden, trying to thank me.....but saying my part and hers!  
"Night Night Ding Ding!"  Cale, telling his "boy part" goodnight as we put the diaper on.  
"Chicken nugget.  Shee shies." both babies, every time I ask them what they want to eat.  Or, spoken as we go through any drive through, even the bank.
"Momma, dump it out!" Cale, as I was pouring his water from his cup to make room for his Sonic Apple Juice Slush.
"Close eyes." what they say every time the hairspray comes out.  What can I say?  I like their hair to look nice!
"Daddy's plates!" Hayden, when I found her in the cabinet messing with my clear plastic plates.  I told her to put them away....apparently she thought if she told me they were Daddy's plates, then it wasn't any of my business.
"Wheeeee Mommy!" Cale, every time the car so much as bounces.
"Mommy crash." Cale, when I bonk the cart on any of the displays when we are shopping.
"No poot." Cale, reassuring me yesterday as I went to change his diaper.
"Watty, clap your hands!" Hayden, telling the dog to clap his hands.  
"Daddy panties." Hayden, as I folded Shawn's underwear this morning. 
"Look at that!  Get out!!  Oh my gosh!" both babies, apparently mimicking phrases I use WAY too much."  (Get out is usually hollered at the dogs)
"More surpup Mommy." Cale, wanting more syrup on his waffle.  p.s.- waffle is pronounced "washel".
"Hot dog. Make it." Cale, to our waitress at a diner in Iowa.  Apparently, he thought she had stayed and visited at our table long enough.  
"Mimi baby?" Hayden, as her Mimi tried on a shirt with an empire waist.  Apparently she's been paying attention to my maternity clothes.  
"More noonels Mommy!" Hayden, eating lasagna.
"Big chip." Hayden, asking for a tortilla.
"What that?" Hayden's new phrase, uttered four hundred thousand times a day.....even at people, pointing right in their face.  We're working on the pointing.
"Tiny baby. Big baby. Baby Lilly." Hayden, taking inventory of her baby dolls.  
"Mommy, playroom.  Open!" Cale, wanting me to open the door to his playroom every morning.  

There are a ton more.....they are making me laugh so much!!!