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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Rodeo

Instead of actually taking the babies to a rodeo show like we did last year (really, really good idea....I am pretty sure their hearing is damaged because of it) we decided to just take them to the fair grounds to see the animals.  This was much, MUCH more age appropriate.  They rolled around in style in a stroller (after about an hour, I wished I could get in the stroller with them.)
We liked:
The petting zoo, the free biscuits they were handing out, the baby chicks (Cale kept saying "MINE" as he looked at them through the glass), looking at the baby pigs, the ice cream and milk samples.
We did NOT like:
the llama, (who invaded our personal space), the shetland pony that Mimi tried to make us get on to take a cowboy picture, being asked if we wanted to ride a horse (Cale kept shaking his head and saying "NO!, NO!"),  being left in the stroller entirely too long.  
I am sure next year will be even more fun for them....although they'll probably want to ride the rides, and mommy is going to have a problem with that.  (I am pretty sure they have no standards for safety....I don't care that I wanted to ride them I when I was little!!)