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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dancing Queen!

Spinning like a ballerina
Dancing with Mimi to Bruce Springsteen

We can tell already that Hayden has a little talent (other than making us laugh).  She is the BEST dancer!  She was already good at dancing a year ago, but now she is REALLY good.  Seriously, you'd think so too!  I posted some pics of her dancing, but they really don't do her justice.  If her mother could figure out how to post video, you'd be a fan, too!   Her moves have evolved of course....she started with the standard bounce up and down to the beat when she was tiny....then she moved to swaying back and forth when she could stand, then she incorporated this move where she swings her arm from front to back with the music.  Now, her dancing involves full body action!  Fists pumping, arms swinging, twirling....Shawn is convinced she is some kind of baby prodigy.  I have to admit, it's pretty impressive.  She adjusts her moves to the genre of music, too!  Daddy even taught her how to work in a hiney smack or two for when she is grooving out to rap.  Maybe someday soon we'll find a little class for her...but for now her stage is the living room floor, and we are her very appreciative audience.  Now I just have to convince Shawn that she did NOT get her dancing ability from him, as he keeps telling people.