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Monday, February 23, 2009

We had a pretty eventful weekend.  Friday I woke up with horrible cramps (think labor) and knew something wasn't right.  We called the on call doctor who told us to wait it out a few hours, and call back if it didn't go away.  In the morning we talked to another doctor who wanted me to get hydrated and then go to the ER if they didn't stop.  Well, after 75 ounces of water and thirty thousand trips to the bathroom, the cramping was still there, so we headed to Methodist (with Cale) to see what was going on.  I tried to be sneaky and head straight to Labor and Delivery, hoping they would help me there....but no luck!  I am too early on, so they made me go sit in the ER with a bunch of people who looked to have NOTHING wrong with them.  I have only gone to the ER when pregnant, and ONLY because it was for another person (the baby).  I can't imagine going there on my own unless blood was spewing from my eyesockets.  Everyone in there was laughing, and watching TV.....same situation as when we had to take Sissy to the ER for the falling out of the high chair incident.  
They took me to triage and listened to the heartbeat, made me sit in the waiting room for a while, and then took me to a bed.  A couple hours later (and a LOT of entertaining Cale done on Shawn's part.....think making balloons out of surgical gloves and batting them around the room) we finally got a sonogram....with the meanest lady on the planet.  Not only would she not tell us the sex (said it was too early.....LIES!) but she wouldn't even tell us if the baby was okay.  She said "I'm not a doctor".  This statement, combined with her incredible bedside manner was really, really reassuring.  (said with sarcasm)  Finally, a few hours later, the radiologist read the results and they said everything looked fine.  We headed home (with a TIRED baby, who kept saying "Bye bye" in the ER) and I laid around all day yesterday.  Sadly, the cramping is still sticking around, so we are heading to the OB to find out more.  I just can't believe I am having contractions at 15 weeks this time, and didn't have them last time until 22 weeks, and that was with TWINS.  My guess is that my equipment is all blown to hell and is having a hard time hanging on to just one baby.....say a prayer we hang on for a LONG, LONG time....


ken and meg said...

i have been thinking about you a lot today!!! Sending lots of LOVE & PRAYERS!!!!