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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're a MESS!!!

In the last few weeks, the babies have dumped not one, but TWO full boxes of Cheerios on the floor....I know this is totally my fault...both times I left the box on the coffee table and went into the kitchen to clean up.  This last time, I heard squealing, and Hayden yelling "Sheeree!  Sheeree!" and I knew what happened before I rounded the corner.  They were stomping and jumping in a huge pile of cheerios, having the time of their lives....who wouldn't?  Especially when your mom keeps leaving materials out for such an activity....The stuff they come up with is ridiculous....yesterday Cale was hollering about something, and I looked around the island to see him pouring his milk into the dog the time I got to him (literally four seconds) he had dumped the whole dog bowl on the floor, and soaked his "Zoolie" (teddy bear) in the nasty mess.  We tried to nap without Zoolie (who Hayden calls "Louie") but he cried for SO LONG....I finally had to open his door, and throw the bear into his crib (stink and all) and hope he didn't see me.  Yesterday was a big day for us.....when I went to get them up from nap, I got to the door and smelled what was ahead of me....yep, you guessed it!  It was a Hiroshima style poo explosion!  Sissy had her diaper hanging on my one tab, and poop was everywhere.  Right when she saw me, she told me, "Poop Mommy.  Uh oh".  That's right, baby, UH OH.  There was poo EVERYWHERE.  She must have been playing in it for awhile.  I took her to the bathroom, ripped off the sorry traitor of a diaper, and told her to stay put.  I ran to get an HEB bag for the mess (how's that for recycling?) and when I got back, she was standing on the bath mat in a puddle of her own pee.  "Pee Pee, Mommy".....well, at least she is running an absolutely correct commentary on what's going on...The kid is smart, if not hygenic.  We got cleaned up, and I repeated the story that night to my mom, and my best friend.  Both times, Hayden heard me and said "It okay.  It okay Mommy."  For the first time, I think she was a little embarrassed.  Later, when I talked about it to Shawn, I made sure to spell things so her little feelings wouldn't be hurt.  She is SO sensitive.  
Both babies are talking up a storm...they repeat everything we say, and add their own opinions....Hayden's favorite phrases are:  "Eat. Eat. Eat.  Lunch.", "More Moka!", "Bubba did it."  (when asked about the Cheerio incident), "Passy Nite Nite" (when she's tired), "Apple slush" (her favorite from Sonic)....she can pretty much say anything and everything now.  Cale is right with her on the talking, but he is still a little harder to, as a man, I think he is less motivated to actually communicate something in words to us.  He does say, "Daddy, Where Go?" (or anyone else's name when you leave the room), "Watty did it" (when he holds up one of his torn apart footballs or basketballs), "Sissy leeping" (his comment at the end of naptime, because he is usually always the first one up).....
I still can't believe I am going to have THREE!!!  When you ask the babies what's in Mommy's tummy, most of the time you will get "Baby" as an answer.  Hayden still answers "Boy" every time we ask her what it's going to be....I'm not sure Cale knows or cares that we are getting another one, but he loves to point out babies in public, which I hope is a good sign.  I am finally feeling better, and I am trying not to take my Zofran anymore, since sometimes the headaches they give me are worse than the nausea.  Even though morning sickness is going away, I feel like barfing when I get dressed.....Maternity clothes are still a little big, but trying to wear my regular clothes is like trying to squeeze into my eighth grade cheerleading uniform.  (Yes, it's that funny/sad)  I am ready to LOOK pregnant, not just like I succumbed to the Whataburger commercial a few too many times.  (Although that's happening a little bit, too...If I'm gonna be honest)  
All in all, things are good here at home....I am still enjoying every day with my babies, and hoping the third won't be the straw that breaks the camel's back.  As I told the girl I met yesterday at the, we don't have a nanny, and yes, I do it by myself.  The look of horror on her face made me wonder if I was a weirdo, or maybe just a way better mom than her.  (JUST KIDDING!!!) 


natalie said...

you are really just that good! i'm still not sure how you do it or muster up the energy being preggers and sick, but know that your 'fan club' is praying and cheering for you!