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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The list that broke the pregnant lady's back (or at least messed with her psyche)

Sitting around my house makes me realize how much there is to do around here!  I am normally not that great at sitting still (except when I'm sleeping...which is a lot I guess) so I am not usually just hanging out at home noticing what needs to be done.  I made a list today and almost gave myself carpal tunnel:
-Decide on website company to use to launch all new, exciting, life changing website for me. :)
-Finish and photograph dresses to be featured on said website.
-Make samples of all items and photograph.
-Purchase photo editing program.
-Look into new lens for camera. 
-Organize craft room that still looks like we just moved in.
-Finish curtains for the playroom.  (By the time they are finished, my third kid will probably want his/her own room.)
-make curtains for formal living and TV rooms.
-find a light fixture for our master bath...I still can't get the idea of out of my head that I want a sparkly chandelier.  My husband differs on this.
-Buy blinds for about seven windows.  (I think the neighbors are done with seeing in our bathrooms.  This may be illegal.  I need to check on this.)
-Go through a bunch of junk and give to Goodwill.  I am embarrassed to admit there is a vacuum in our driveway that has been there for weeks.  We are the Clampitts.
-Work on outside of house: weeding, fertilizing grass, organizing shed, mulching all planting beds and tearing out old stuff, planting new spring plants, clean up driveway (which still has pieces of construction trash, albeit small, all over it), tile my back patio, paint the new siding on one portion of the house....oh man, this is making me tired.
There are a myriad of other things to do, which include a ton more random house stuff, and making about forty doctors appointments for everything from our eyes to our teeth.....
I know I am supposed to be sitting still, and taking it easy, but all this sitting means I am staring at everything that needs to be done.  I think this list making frenzy started when I saw out my uncovered bathroom window that the neighbors behind us had landscapers in their yard yesterday, beautifying like crazy.  Trying to hide my post bath-nudity from them, I spied them mulching, planting new pretty flowers, working like busy little bees.  I was so sad when I looked at the yellow grass growing up our chain link fence.  Sigh.  As my husband likes to tell me "The bus don't stop everywhere." so I guess I can't do EVERYTHING I want to do.  Realistically, I can't do hardly ANYTHING I want to do at this point, since I am supposed to be sitting indian style and doing transcendental breathing to make the contractions stop.  I suppose I am going to have to resort to sweet talking my hubby and hoping there is no more NFL combine on TV by this weekend.