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Friday, February 27, 2009

We went to the doctor today, and actually saw the OB for the first time.  I am SOOOO glad we finally got to see her, because she is so smart, and reassuring....I told her the contractions were getting better, but that I still felt uneasy because I haven't felt like anyone has told me anything comforting about the baby...Is it normal?  Does it have two arms and legs?  I wouldn't have known before today.  My first two sonograms were fourteen seconds long, and the lady at the ER wouldn't let me look at the screen (I'm still mad at her) so I have only seen glances of the top of a head....well, my doc saw that I was worried, wheeled the sonogram machine in, and let us look at everything.  We could see little arms and legs stretching, it's little spine....It was so fun!!  I kept telling Shawn what the parts were, and he was like "How can you tell what all that is?"  I think I am better than average at reading the sonogram, but only because I had 29 of them with the babies.  She tried to take a peek at the girl/boy parts, but wasn't willing to make a guess....We get our "big" sonogram next Monday, so I'll keep you updated on whether Sissy or Bubby will be sharing their room!  
On a little worrisome note, she noticed that my placenta is REALLY close to my cervix, which indicates placenta previa.  I am not sure if it means it is about to happen, or if it's proximity means it is already happening....or what exactly happens.  She said that most of the time it goes away on it's own, so I should be okay.  I know it's not great news, but I don't think it's horrible either.....I am having a planned c-section anyway, so it's not like the placenta will be in the way when I'm trying to push or anything.  (Sorry if this is TMI for some of you)  This may or may not be why I started contracting last week.  She said it is not necessarily what caused it, but could have been the culprit.  After re-reading this paragraph, I think I might need to look this thing up online....I am evidently painfully uniformed.  I guess I was so excited to see fingers and toes I failed to ask about my "condition".  Oops!!